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It began with an idea from Nick Warburton, a specialist in Anxiety and Trauma. After hearing about a young child's anxiety when going outside after lockdown, Nick realised there had to be a way to use his Psy-TaP skills to create a fun and subtle way to treat children's worries, fear and anxiety. A great way to do this outside of one to one sessions was to write a story that addressed a particular issue. It was vital that anxiety and fear was the theme for the first book. Nick then discussed the concept with his friend, trainer and originator of Psy-TaP, Kevin Laye. Between them they had the ability to refine the concept and make it as effective as possible while retaining the fun side of the story in a way that was relatable to the reader. The characters were created and the story written with the child anxiety treatment embedded within.

To bring the stories to life, they needed to be illustrated. Nick contacted Cornia Van Wyk, a very talented artist based in South Africa. Nick was sure Cornia had the ability to illustrate the characters in a way that children and adults alike would love. Wow, did Cornia ever deliver! The Phuntec brand, characters and stories all came to life. With beautiful, easy to follow stories that also teach rapid methods to feel better, the Phuntec methods can make a great difference. We have lots of fun resources for both home and school. Join us in our mission to help treat them to a story. Download our first story as an e-book or MP3 audio-book for free.

The love and success of Timid Turtle & His Bag Of Worries has been global. We have even had the story used as far away as Australia, with it benefiting children from Aboriginal groups. We are thrilled to be able to support so many children in many ways around the world. We have received lovely feedback about the calming effect the story has for children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

Nick Warburton

Nick Warburton, Cert.Psy-TaP, is a certificated Psy-TaP practitioner and Trauma Release Trainer. He specialises in working with clients around the world via video call for the rapid treatment of anxiety, trauma and phobias. Nick trained under Kevin Laye and Nick loves to see the magical moment that someone's psychological issues vanish.

Nick has previously supplied content for books regarding psychological issues, based around his techniques and been the subject of interviews and podcasts.

Nick also has 20 years experience in the education sector as a college lecturer, so has a passion for enabling people to be the best that they can be. Nick's creative side has always been there and when his idea for authoring children's books that made a difference arose it became a wonderful opportunity to utilise his imagination. Phuntec has started from a single thought and built into a wonderful opportunity to make a positive difference.

Learn more about Nick at his website here

Nick Warburton - Anxiety & Trauma Specialist

Nick Warburton

Kevin Laye

Kevin Laye D.Psy, is the co-author of the Phuntec books. Kevin is a visionary thinker when it comes to the way therapy is delivered, with a total focus on the outcome states, and solutions. Kevin, now retired, was a Harley St based practitioner, international trainer and public speaker, having developed a successful practice, and an excellent, global reputation for ‘one session’ fixes to almost any issue. As a Psy-TaP practitioner he employs a combination of proven psychological disciplines, to enable you to get the outcome you want, as rapidly as possible. Due to his successes, he has regularly featured as a guest, and featured therapist on Radio and Television. Kevin is also a Published Author of the books Positive Shrinking and Positive Drinking. He is also the creator of a set of unique therapeutic MP3s. He is a Co-creator of an online therapy system, Zenpower Ltd. He is the Founder, and Creator of Psy-TaP (Psychosensory Techniques and Principles).

Kevin Laye - D.Psy

Kevin Laye

Cornia Van Wyk

Cornia Van Wyk is an artist/illustrator living in South Africa who originally trained as a fashion designer. Cornia has a broad spectrum of art styles and is never afraid to explore them along with her imagination. Her love of wildlife, nature and colour creates beautiful artwork and her renditions in charcoal are also beautiful. Her popularity in the art world continues to increase with private commissions and art for all. Cornia is also a qualified Angel Therapist and so understands the importance of wellbeing in both children and adults. Cornia was the perfect choice to enable the Phuntec series to come alive with wonderful illustrations of the characters.

Learn more about Cornia at her website here

Cornia Van Wyk - Artist

Cornia Van Wyk

What is Psy-TaP?

Psy-TaP is one of the most modern and premium methods of treatment for psychological issues. Its versatility, combined with rapid and effective techniques enables issues like anxiety, fears, phobias, addictions, OCD and stress to be treated. Psy-TaP has the ability to treat issues in just one session and can also be carried out online via video call. This safe methodology is also suited to individuals, corporate and the education sectors to ensure a calm and happy environment and improve productivity. Psy-TaP Practitioners are trained to the highest standards to ensure that the required results are achieved.

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In our desire to make a positive difference, we ask that where we offer a free download, that you would kindly make a donation to our latest adopted charity.

We love the work of the Make-A-Wish children's charity.

A wish revives a childhood stolen by critical illness. It brings light and joy to children and their loved ones and leaves a profound and lasting impact on all their lives. Read more on their website.

Nick Warburton - Anxiety Specialist

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